WE TALKED evidence, WE SHARED ideas and experiences, WE QUESTIONED practice knowledge, WE PRESSURE-TESTED our own beliefs, WE SCRUTINISED our back pain language and HECK we even ATE some of Mrs Crimble’s finest macaroons…


I really enjoyed the language & communication workshop on Sunday, lots of critical discussion, learning together, and coming up with alternative and better strategies to effectively communicate with people experiencing low back pain.


Thank you to all of those that took part – your contributions and reflections really enriched the day and facilitated some great learning together.


Some fab feedback from participants below- brilliant to see some transformation in talking, thinking and practice taking place.


“Since doing your course I have rephrased… ‘go away you don’t have a trapped nerve’….to ‘tell me more about why you think that, explaining symptoms and offering logical reassurance as to why it isn’t”…brilliant! It was a great course!”


“I really enjoyed the discussion. It got me thinking, which is always good. I will definitely recommend the course to colleagues.”


See below for details of future courses in May, June and July 2019.




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