Session overview

Clinical reasoning is a multidimensional and holistic process and includes the core elements of knowledge, cognition and metacognition. This workshop will cover the key concepts of clinical reasoning within an evidence-based practice biopsychosocial framework and will draw upon key theoretical and research literature into the clinical reasoning and decision-making of musculoskeletal and other health and medical professions. At the end of the session, you will:

  • Develop your understanding of clinical reasoning strategies and key theoretical and research literature.
  • Recognise diagnostic reasoning as it applies to your own clinical practice (hypothetico-deductive reasoning and pattern recognition).
  • Consider practical ways to apply the biopsychosocial framework to your own clinical reasoning.
  • Appreciate the role of different sources of knowledge and evidence in their clinical reasoning and decision-making.
  • Recognise the role of metacognition and reflection in their own clinical reasoning processes and therapeutic approaches.


BodyMatters Clinic

1 McCrone Mews, Belsize Lane,

Hampstead, London, NW3 5BG


April and May 2019



Places are limited to 10 people. For enquiries please use contact form below.